beaumont family wines


The Brief:

Beaumont Family Wines, a family-run boutique winery in bot river, requires assistance with their digital marketing so that they can focus all their efforts on what truly matters to them: making award-winning wine. We create engaging social media posts and newsletters for them to keep their consumers informed.


Social Media Management

Graphic Design



Examples of social media posts

Sebastian’s non-conformist approach embraces the old but also creatively uses modern winemaking techniques to produce limited quantities of characterful and authentic wines.

Nadia uses her wealth of experience and natural talent for looking after people to head up the marketing and sales side.

Her passion for people and attention to detail brings a whole new dimension to the Beaumont experience.

The Beaumont experience aims at awakening every person’s inner farm desires and gives visitors the opportunity to discover all the senses from tastings to tractor rides.

The diversity of the farm reveals itself in the extensive panorama of things to do, with each and every activity accompanied by superb wines, inspiring food and heart-warming hospitality.

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