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The Brief:

Water Purification Solutions is an engineering company offering services from water filtration to reverse osmosis. As engineers, marketing is the last thing on their minds – and so they appointed us as their online marketing team. We create content for them and manage their social media profiles, so that they their brand can reach its full potential.





Water Purification Solutions


Social Media Management

Examples of Social Media Posts

This beautiful dam at Helderberg Village is key in running the estate's laundromat.

We installed a system that treats the dam's water so that it can be used for the residents' laundry.


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We designed a pilot scale system for a prospective client, based on the proposed design of the full-scale installation.

Running the pilot test put the client's mind at rest that their investment in water treatment is guaranteed.


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"Fantastic group of guys." - Terrence Booysen

At Water Purification Solutions, we’re all about making our customers our friends. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, achieved through expectation, delivery and long term relationships.


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